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Spanish Dessert Wines
- Silky Sweeties


The beautiful Moorish town of Cordoba is just north of this small Spanish wine appellation. The Rio Cabra (Goat River) cuts right across the region. The wines of Montilla-Moriles are similar to the wines of Sherry country, although the quality is not considered to be on a par (excluding such excellent producers like Alvear, who rise above the rest). Compared to Malaga wine country, there are ten times as many producers (a total of 114 bodegas). The main wine villages are in fact Montilla and Moriles (for whom the DO is named), along with Baena (a village also famous for olive oil) and Lucena. The vines are grown at an altitude of between 125 and 600 meters above sea level, and the best soils of the DO are chalky. The best wines from Montilla-Moriles are said to be those made with the Pedro Ximenez, although many other grapes are grown including such unusual ones as “Layrén” & Baladí”.

Best Montilla-Moriles dessert wines include:

Alvear PX de Añada 1998 Reserva Dulce- Wow! 100% Pedro Ximenez. Alvear is the region’s most famous winery and this is the flagship wine.

Tauromaquia- 100% Pedro Ximenez. One of the best wines from Montilla-Moriles. Here, the PX is very almondy and with a slightly bitter tang.

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