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Things to do in Spain

In each region's guide we have more specific things to do, but this is a list of our favourite things to do whilst in Spain. We hope you find it useful.

Visit the Alhambra in Granada.
This moorish fortified palace is absolutely incredible. The complex is vast and occupies a large portion of the city centre, so make sure you have a whole day to explore it. If you are visiting in the summer though, you are well advised to buy tickets in advance.

Guggenheim MuseumSee Frank Gehry's amazing architecture.
Whether it is the amazing Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the huge copper fish on Barcelona beach or the new conference and convention centre near Malaga Airport, all of Frank Gehry's pieces are futuristic masterpieces.

Skiing in the Sierra Navada Mountains.
Andalucia is blessed to have these mountains so close to legendary tourist spots such as Malaga and Torremolinos. During late spring you can go skiing in the morning and do a spot of sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon. Marvelously bizarre!

Take part in a local village fiesta.
The local fiestas are mostly religious in nature, but that doesnt mean that they arn't a lot of fun. The colourful processions are worth it in themselves, and the parties usuallu go on throughout the night. You can find out more information about Spanish Fiestas here.

Parc GuellExperience Gaudi's Barcelona.
Of all the buildings in Barcelona that Antoni Gaudi designed, no visit is more spectacular than Parc Guell. The large park has numerous buildings and sculptures featuring Gaudi's well known broken tile style, and elegant organic curves. A great day out for all ages.

Do tapas!
It is one of the Best and most uniquely Spanish things to sit in a bar in the evening and eat tapas while you have a drink. Find our more about tapas here.

Sit outside in a cafe and watch the world go by!
Spain's villages, towns and cities all have numerous cafe's when you can sit outside, enjoy a coffee and simply watch the world passing by. It is made all the better by the weather which is usually fine.

Feel Surreal with Dali in Figueres.
Salvadore Dali has become one of the most loved painters in the world, and his mausoleum/museum is a surreal as the visions he created. This is one of the highlights of the north of Spain.

FlamencoStamp you heals to the Flamenco!
A must do for Andalucia and the South of Spain is to catch some of the heel tapping music known as Flamenco. Twenty five years ago it looked like Flamenco was on the decline, but has recently enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, and not just as a tourist attraction...

Go mad for Art in Spain.
I could list all the great artists represented in Spain in another top 20 list, but if you just want to see the Best make sure that you visit the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, see the disturbing images of Goya in Madrid and Picasso's Guernica at the Reina Sofia, also in Madrid. Picasso is also well represented in Malaga with the new Picasso Foundation.

One artist that deserves a seperate mention is Diego Velazquez.
Visiting the Prado Gallery in Madrid will open you eyes to Valazquez, possibly the greatest ever Spanish artist. Perhaps his Best known painting is "The Rokeby Venus" but consider that his famous "Old Woman Cooking Eggs" was painted when he was only 19, and you can be sure of the masterful talent Velazquez had.

RondaSee the spectacular views at Ronda.
After driving through the Andalucian mountains, you eventually come to Ronda, perched at the top of a huge cliff, with a magnificent bridge spanning the gorge between the old and new towns.
Ronda also has the oldest Bull ring in Spain, and roman baths.

More Moors in Cordoba.
Nothing can quite prepare you for the sight of the Grand Mosque of Cordoba (the Mezquita). The first part of the Mosque was built in 796 AD and is roughly a fifth of the entire complex, and the last parts were added to the Mosque by about 1000 AD.

Do the white village trail.
Andalucia's villages are what most people imagine when they are asked think of a Spanish village. Whitewashed houses, narrow cobbled streets and lavish Churches. The pick of the villages is Mijas, with its famous donkeys and mountainside location.

See the Best football in Europe.
Real Madrid now have the Best football tem in Europe, and probably in the world. With the like of Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Zidane and now David Beckham in the ranks, has Madrid got an unstoppable force? Barca, Deportivo and Valencia are amongst the teams to try and stop them running away with next years trophies.

Running with the Bulls.
Join in with the celebrations in Pamplona, but it is Best to let others run with the bulls at the most famous festival in Spain. Many are known to get injured in this dangerous but thrilling spectacle.
You can find more information on Running with the Bulls here.

Take a stroll along Las Ramblas.
Tired of dodging cars when trying to cross the street? This busy street in Barcelona is just for pedestrians and is lined with outdoor markets, shops, restaurants and cafes. Las Ramblas ends with the Pier and it's excellent indoor shopping centre, Sea Life centre and more great restaurants.

Tired of the beaches? get active in Tenerife.
Strange volcanic rock formations and spectacular scenery distinguish this park, which surrounds Mount Teide, an active volcano and the highest peak in Spain.

People watching at El Rastro.
If you are a keen shopper or an avid bargain hunter then you must take a visit to the largest open air flea market, where locals and tourists alike spend hours shopping dining or sitting back and people watching.

Test your golfing skills at Valderrama.
Famed architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. designed this 18-hole championship layout that stretches more than 6,356 meters at par 71. If Valderrama is a little out of your reach, then the Costa del Sol has more than enought other courses for everyone. Nicknamed the Costa del Golf, Southern Spain has both the courses and the weather to make any golfer happy.

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