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Spain at a Glance

We have collected the most useful information about Spain for you to access here. Facts about Spain that you might not have known, travel tips and information and maps of Spain.

Basic information and facts

Spanish news headlines
The latest news headlines about Spain, collected from around the world.

Spanish news weekday roundup
Each day we provide a sumamry of the days news in Spain.

Spanish Flags
Every region of Spain has it's own flag. You can see the connections between the regions running through the designs of the flag.

Postal Services
The Spanish Postal Service has over 6,000 offices all over the country, including small villages, railway stations, ports and airports. They provide a wide range of modern and efficient services.

Travel & Transport

Map of Spain
Throughout this guide we have maps of the regions of Spain, and of Cities throughout Spain. Here is a map of the whole of Spain.

Transport in Spain
Whether you are travelling by road, rail, air or sea there may be differences to travelling in your own country that you should be aware of.

Tourist Information

If things go wrong
Information for emergencies in Spain.

Hotel Accommodation in Spain
Our Guide to the different types of Hotel accommodation you will find in Spain

Spanish Tourist Offices - Worldwide
For advice on visiting Spain, you should check with your own countries tourist office. They will be able to advise on the correct visa requirements etc.

Spanish Culture

An introduction to Spanish culture
Some tips on how to adjust to the Spanish way of life.

Spanish Time
The time in Spain is officially GMT +1:00 and +2:00 during the summer, along with most of mainland europe. However, the hours that are lived in Spain are very different to that of the rest of Europe. For visitors it can take a bit of getting used to.

Dress Codes in Spain
There are no special norms in Spain with respect to dress, but the warm climate dictates that you should be practical about the clothes you choose to wear.

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Basic Info

Spanish News Headlines

Spanish News Weekday Roundup

Spanish Flags

Postal Service

Travel & Transport

Map of Spain

Transport in Spain

Tourist Information

If things go wrong

Hotel Accommodation

Spanish Tourist Offices - Wordwide

Spanish Culture

Spanish Culture

Spanish Time

Dress codes

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Spain Travel Guides
Travel guides to Spain

Map of Spain
Map of Spain

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