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Flag of ExtremaduraExtremadura

Extremadura has two provinces:

This is one of the most beautiful, and perhaps least known, regions of Interior Spain. Its beautiful cities, first Roman and Moorish, then medieval and aristocratic, gave birth to many of the conquistadors.

Caceres Caceres is the capital of Upper Extremadura. Its Old Quarter, ringed by old Moorish walls and superb watchtowers, has been maintained intact since the Golden Age, occupied solely by magnificent palaces and mansions from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Plasencia has a splendid Plateresque-Gothic cathedral, old medieval walls and beautiful Baroque and Renaissance palaces.

Trujillo, the birthplace of Pizarro, has one of the most beautiful main squares in Spain, a medieval castle and an aristocratic quarter with illustrious mansions.

Badajoz is the capital of Lower Extremadura. It has preserved many different architectural treasures from Moorish times, among them the Alcazaba, or citadel, and the city walls and watchtowers.

Merida was one of the most important cities in Roman Spain, or Hispania. Its patrimony includes one of the world's largest classical theatres, an amphitheatre, tow aqueducts, a bridge, several churches and other buildings. It's Museum of Roman Art has a valuable collection for the classic era.

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