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Paradores in Spain

"Paradores" - State operated Tourist Hotels

"Paradores", or state operated tourist hotels, are the most interesting and original option within Spain's tourist offering. The Parador network consists of 86 establishments that offer the services and comfort of the most modern hotels.

However, in contrast, they are in a majority of cases actually old monumental buildings of historical or artistic value - castles, palaces, monasteries and convents- which were abandoned in the past and then acquired by the state and renovated as hotels.

Located almost always in places of great beauty and interest, the Paradors are usually rated with 3 or 4 stars and can be found all over the country. For information and reservation: Paradores de Turismo, Velazquez, 18, 28001 Madrid. Tel: (91) 435 9700 and (91) 4359744.

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