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Hostals in Spain

The so-called hostal-residences (HsR), rated on the same scale as other hotels, are those without a restaurant. However, they do serve breakfast, provide room service and have either a bar or cafeteria. Hostals (Hs) are similar to hotels, albeit more modest, and constitute another lodging option. they are classified in three categories, from one to 3 stars.

Another option is offered by casas de huespedes (CH) which in Spain are called pensiones (P). With a great tradition in Spain they are generally cosy, comfortable establishments whose installations and services may range from the bare minimum to the relatively luxurious. Normally operated as family businesses, the price usually includes only lodging and meals, which are frequently excellent.

"Pensiones" can be an ideal option for visitors interested in getting to know Spain in a deeper sense and getting off the more frequented tourist routes.

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