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Buying Property in Spain

3. Must I use an agent to handle my Spanish property purchase?

The answer is no!

At least that's my opinion and one which is shared by many fellow property owners in Spain.

I successfully bought a villa directly from the owners and saved myself several thousands of pounds worth of commission. So have thousands of other buyers.

By all means by-pass the middleman if you've got the time and inclination to seek out your dream home by your own efforts. But whatever you do, DON'T by-pass a lawyer once you've found it.

As long as you take good legal advice (more on this in my next tip) you don't actually need an agent. Of course there are many good and helpful agents around (they're known as "inmobiliaria" in Spain); the obvious advantages of using one is that they have a ready stock of properties available and will escort you to view them, often supplying much helpful advice and information along the way.

The great disadvantage is that average commissions are about 6% of the purchase price and in some cases much higher. Agents use the complexities of Spanish property law and the time and effort involved in dealing with overseas buyers in order to justify what are often extortionate fees.

If you have the luxury of being able to spend some weeks in your chosen area hunting for suitable properties, you'll find plenty of villas and apartments advertised as private sales. Look out for "se vende" (for sale) signs which vendors stick on walls, hedges and gates. Properties are also advertised privately in the local Spanish and English language newspapers and the free guides which you find in supermarkets, bars and hotels.

If you do decide to use an agent, hunt around for a firm with a good reputation and low commissions.

Then get yourself a good lawyer - more on that subject next!

4. Must I use a lawyer to handle my Spanish property purchase?

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