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Flag of AndaluciaMoron de la Frontera



The ancient city of Moron is located 62kms, from Seville, in the southeastern part of the province, precisely where the flatlands and the hills of the Sierra Sur converge. In this municipality, with its 430 km squared, the Guadaira River is born; its lands are also watered by the Salado River. The region's main crops are cereals and olives.

Its ancient name of Arunci is attributed to the Romans, but it has been known as Moron since the third century. The city's prehistoric origins are visible in Paleolithic remains, such as the dolmens of El Hoyo del Gigante, and other traces of the Chalcolithic culture. In fact, the archaeological succession of civilisations is continuous and unbroken from the end of the Bronze Age up to the Moorish period, which was extremely important for Moron.

The town's pristine, white-washed landscape is dotted with manors, palaces, churches and ancient convents which speak of its past splendour. The excellence of its craftsmen can be seen in the marble cut from its quarries, the pulpits of its churches, and its facades, and in the ironwork of its imposing iron window grills. The Alcazaba still stands, with its Moorish cistern, among mills, fountains and irrigation canals.


No other building in Moron bears more eloquent witness to the splendour of the city under the Moorish caliphate. The castle of Moron is essentially of medieval construction, made of rubblework and hewn stone, although it still shows traces of the original Moorish Alcazaba. It was destroyed by the French troops in 1812; the surviving section includes a large part of its rampart walk linking twelve towers, several sections of the walls and two of the original five gates: the Puerta de Hierro to the east, with its arch flanked by tall towers, and the western gate, built in the Almoravid style.


The historical city of Moron includes four parks or gardens, the most interesting of which is this Paseo or promenade located on the top of a hill near the castle and adjacent to the church of Saint Michael. From here we can enjoy a sweeping view of the town. At its centre, surrounded by flower beds, palm trees and acacias, is a massive piece of modern stonework on which stands the grotesque statue of the featherless rooster, a symbol of the old legend of the tax collector who was driven out of the town in disgrace.


In 1973, this church was catalogued as a "Site of Historical and Artistic Value", currently, Bien de Interes Cultural or Property of Cultural Value. This remarkable building was begun in 1503. The oldest of the church's three entrances is the one on the north side, in the 16th century flamboyant Gothic style. The main, western door was built in 1726 by Diego Antonio Diaz. The austere facade of the epistle side was built during the last period of the church's construction, designed by Silvestre Tirado, as well as the bell tower, which stands on the left side of the church and strongly resembles the Giralda of Seville. The church possesses many treasures of religious art, including furnishings, altarpieces and paintings, goldwork and the ecclesiastical chest.

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