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If things go wrong...

Emergency number: 112

To contact the emergency services in any EU country, dial 112.
More information about the emergency call number 112.

Loss or theft

Report any theft to the local police. You will need to enclose the police report when making your insurance or compensation claim. Cancel any lost or stolen credit cards immediately. If your passport has been stolen, report it to your country's consulate or embassy as well as to the police.

Air passenger rights

As an air passenger you have certain rights when it comes to information about flights and reservations, overbooking, compensation in the case of accident and package holidays.

These rights are set out in the EU "Air Passenger Rights Charter" and displayed on posters in European airports.

If you have a complaint or a grievance, contact the airline or organiser of the package holiday, or your national air transport or consumer protection organisation. You can also e-mail the European Commission for information.

Advice on your rights

For free advice on your rights as a traveller and any other rights and where to go for help, telephone the EUROPE DIRECT service on 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11 from anywhere in the EU. You can also email the service via

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